“Mr. Holland debunks many myths about the period that still linger in popular writing . . . Exceptional”

Wall Street Journal

“This book stands apart and for all the right reasons: Holland has something new to say.  Every page is alive with a level of excitement and enthusiasm. Here is a perspective that turns on its head what I thought I understood about those astonishing years – filled with insight and detail.”

Neil Oliver

“In The Rise of Germany, James Holland weds his typically deft writing to years of research and thought about the early years of World War II. He seeks—and finds—that elusive middle ground between the high politics of Hitler, Churchill, and Roosevelt and the personal experience of the soldier in the field.  Holland writes on the operational level as well as any historian working today.  I am already making room on my shelf for volumes two and three. I would read anything Holland writes.”

Robert M. Citinoauthor of The German Way of War and The Wehrmacht Retreats